Get ready for Mega Match™!

DARKNESS LOOMS as the evil vulture Vargas unleashes his shadow spell.

MATCH A CHEETAH FOR SPEED! Help Chase the Cheetah using your cat-like reflexes and keen eye for color.

HARNESS THE FORCES OF NATURE as you wield elemental powerups.

SAVE YOUR FRIENDS and restore peace and tranquility to the jungle.

SUMMON A SHINING STAR to light the shadows and escape certain doom!

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What the players are saying...

“It's incredibly addicting. Really amazing. It's really rare to see original AND good casual games today. Something really good like this game is even more rare." (tester)

"The gameplay. It's brilliant. It may look like a match-3, but it's far from it. It's addicting like no other, and probably has the best graphics in the whole puzzle genre.” (tester)

"it hooked me fast. it was cathcy? I'm still playing the game in my head ;P" (tester)

"Very awesome take on the match-3 genre!!! Everything! The production, the gameplay, everything!!" (tester)

“This game is just a clear-cut winner! It's fun and it's easy to learn and challenging to master. You'll laugh and want to pull your hair out all in the same few hysterical moments. But it's far better than a straigh jacket. :D"

Listen...I'm not like a HUGE casual game player. I'm heavy into World of Warcraft and Everquest...LOL! But this game is FUNNY (the Oracle quotes crack me up), and the gameplay is unnerving! It's just fun! I love the lil' animal buddies, and well...I can't explain it okay. Call the men in the white coats, okay?” (tester)

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